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Radian Records was founded as a partnership between musicality and production, artistry and engineering.  On every project, we carefully select personnel, from hired musicians to assistant engineers, to create an optimal production environment for the music at hand.

Produced by Radian Records - A collective approach to record production is our signature sign off. The mystical ‘record producer guy’, sitting on a comfy couch judging the music heard is left to the loudness war while Radian Records personnel tackle the music and sound head on. While Andrew dials in the sound from the control room, Lola steps to the arrangers perch to conduct the rhythm section. Lea Mae keeps us recording on the right track.

Andrew Felluss is a producer engineer who began working in the Midtown recording community in 1994 at Quad. He lives in Brooklyn


Lola Johnson is a singer-songwriter and musical director for Radian Records. Born and raised in New York City, Lola has performed at stages across the USA and Europe.


Founded in 2012 during the recording sessions for Lola Johnson’s ‘This Is What You Get’ album, The Now Band is a dynamic ensemble supporting Radian Records music at the instrumental level. Original members of this ensemble are Aaron Brooks (drums), Kyle McCammon (bass), Gabe Cummins (electric guitar) , and Lola Johnson (acoustic guitar).

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Lea Mae Felluss is a music fan/enthusiast and a small business proponent. She lives in Brooklyn with Andrew and three very spoiled cats.  
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