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Lola Johnson

Lola Johnson played here, and the sound echoes on. Her presence thick in the air, and careless enough to mix jack with the house red, Lola sings her story night after night, often accompanied only by her faithful guitar. Drawing from varied influences, such as Phoebe Snow, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Buckley, Lola has created an Americana Blues sound with many spins, that can be likened to many legends, but is truly her own. While outrunning convenient genre labels, Lola journeyed from singer-songwriter open mics in Boston, got Anti-folk at the Sidewalk Café, sang the blues in Baltimore, and jazz on the Bayou.

Early 2008, marked the release of her first EP, “That’s For Sure” with Radian Records, offering a rainbow of sounds from her life’s pilgrimage. With the support and help of her friends, Lola embarked on a six month tour throughout Europe and Midwest American venues to promote her debut, while couch surfing with friends, getting hostile at hostels and doing what she had to do to bring the music to the stage, MacGyver style.

Following her first world tour, Lola started working on “The Scene Unseen” (EP), the title of which is based on working with other local artists that she has played with, and listened to, throughout the years. Album performers include Char Johnson (Zebra Baby), Patrick McLellan (PmcB, LJ Murphy), Maria Schettino (Object), Brother Dave (Brother Dave and The Brave), Adam Hinz (Badinba) and others.

A troubadour’s life is one of meaningful transience, where Lola has had her share. Darting between city and country life, she has adeptly dodged the trappings of each in the nick of time. Lola is currently working on her next release, "Damaged Goods". To be released Fall/Winter of 2013…Stay Tuned! Dig it!

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